Muhammad Yunus
B.N. Duke Auditorium, N.C. Central CampusOne of the world’s most influential economists over the past three decades operates far from the corridors of the teetering American and European financial capitals. Muhammad Yunus, a Bengali social scientist, is the most famous proponent of microlending to small entrepreneurs in the developing worldchiefly women who can be relied upon to devote the profits of their enterprises to the improvement of their families. Yunus began his work in Bangladesh, forming the Grameen Bank, which eventually loaned money to tens of thousands of the poor, financing such modest improvements as irrigation projects and cell phone distribution.

For his efforts, Yunus and the bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, and he remains a popular author and sought-after public speaker. Yunus will speak this afternoon, at 2 in B.N. Duke Auditorium at NCCU in a panel discussion to be led by Bijoy Sahoo, dean of the business school. Afterward, he will sign copies of his recent book, Creating a World Without Poverty. The event is free, but tickets are required and can be procured at the ticket office in the student union. David Fellerath

Chapel Hill
Lady DJ Night
Local 506Diversifying its schedule with more local, but not necessarily indie-rock, events seems to be a goal of the 506 of late. Need proof? Witness their Final Fridays dance parties. This one-off party features five female DJs ready to unload a slew of singles for your listening, drinking and ass-shaking pleasures. No gimmicks or cover charge here: Just the lady DJs and their hot jams, letting you loose at 9:30 p.m. Bryan Reed