Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Carolina Theatre and EnvironsThe 11th annual documentary fest begins this morning, with screenings at the Carolina Theatre, the Civic Center, Durham Arts Council and the Weaver Auditorium of Durham School of the Arts to begin at 10:30 a.m. (Our coverage begins on page 13.) Among the early-bird specials are Blindsight, a film about blind people climbing Mt. Everest; DeNADIE, a special screening of a film about the perils of illegal immigration from Latin America; and GLASS: a portrait of Philip in twelve parts. A couple of other early screenings to look for include Sud (South), Chantal Akerman’s 1999 account of her visit to Jasper, Texas, site of a racially motivated murder; and Don’t Get Me Wrong, a highly regarded account of life in a Romanian mental hospital (really!). As always, you can while away an afternoon or two on just esoterica: Check out Diaries: 1971-76, in which filmmaker Ed Pincus takes us through his own past of idealistic filmmakingin three and a half hours! Tonight’s highlights include Trumbo, a look at the most famous of the blacklisted Hollywood Ten; Josh Gibson’s The Siamese Connection, a look at the original Siamese twins, who settled in Mt. Airy, N.C.; and Up the Yangtze, a look at the monumental construction of China’s Three Gorges Dam. At 10 p.m., the general public is invited to the opening night party at the American Tobacco Campus. Visit www.fullframefest.org for info, and read our coverage of Full Frame. David Fellerath