Chapel Hill
YouTube Tournament
NightlightCentering a social event around YouTube shouldn’t come as a surprise. I mean, who hasn’t spent time with a laptop and a couple of friends after midnight trying to top one another’s funniest finds? That’s the concept of this competition, where online sleuths try to draw the most laughs with their YouTube discoveries. Hatched by a group of UNC Information and Library Science students as “an experiment in merging Web-based society with local ‘real-world’ society,” the YouTube Tournament takes that late-night entertainment to a larger scale, promising celebrity judges (ibiblio founder Paul Jones), prizes (a Snuggie!) and, of course, hundreds of megabytes of streaming viral video goodness. If you, like Michael Scott, just can’t get enough of Cookie Monster singing “Chocolate Rain,” show up with $3 at 9 p.m. and vote for your favorite clips. Spencer Griffith

Robin D.G. Kelley
Duke Divinity SchoolRobin D.G. Kelley’s award-winning books include Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination (2002) and 1997’s Yo’ Mama’s DisFunktional!: Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America. He delivers the keynote address for the “Unity Through Diversity” Forum, which critically explores the implications of the shift of discourses from anti-racism and liberation politics to multiculturalism and diversity. The free event takes place from 6 to 7:30 p.m., with a reception dinner to follow. For more information, or to RSVP, e-mail Zack Smith

Magic Babies, The Huguenots
Tir Na NogTogether, Raleigh’s Magic Babies and Chapel Hill’s Huguenots thoroughly mine the fertile grounds of British Invasion pop. Clean, guitar-led melodies and swoon-n-croon vocal harmonies drive the mod-ish pop of both bands. Where The Magic Babies add organ for a fuller sound, though, The Huguenots rely on wide-eyed earnestness, usually falling just on the right side of twee. But brandishing star-crossed love letters in the form of smooth, hooky three-minute gems without detachment or reluctance has long been the charm of these Merseybeat-disciple types, right? The free show starts at 10 p.m. Bryan Reed