Chapel Hill
The Clean House
Deep Dish TheaterThe gifted playwright Sarah Ruhl, winner of a MacArthur “genius grant” in 2006, got the idea for her play The Clean House at a party. She overheard a doctor discussing her cleaning lady’s depression. “So I took her to the hospital,” the doctor continued, “and had her medicated. And she still won’t clean.” In Ruhl’s version, the cleaning lady wants to be a standup comic (at the top of the play, she tells a complicated joke, all in Portuguese). Deep Dish’s production begins tonight, with post-performance talk-backs scheduled for May 4 and May 11. Visit or call 968-1515 for more info. Megan Stein

Chapel Hill
Songwriter’s Spotlight
The CaveBrandon Herndon and John Parduethe talented frontmen of Twilighter and Puritan Rodeo, respectivelyhost a monthly songwriter’s night. This month features Taz Halloween’s sultry torch strut, the reedy rootsy vocals of the Calvary’s Vince Williams and Jesse Wooten of the ramshackle indie-folk quintet Harmute. Listen in. Plop $5 at 7:30 p.m. Chris Parker

Chapel Hill
The Clif Wallace Trio
Mansion 462In jazz, constant collaboration often strikes the creative flint, sparking new fire. Clif Wallace makes contact often as a drummer, working with large groups like the John Brown Quinteta unit out of Duke’s Jazz Program modeled on Art Blakey’s ensemblesand performing alongside leaders like Branford Marsalis and Yusef Saleem.

Wallace leads his own trio here, and it’s sure to follow the hard-bop line, nurturing the communication and interplay possible from a tight, small group. The show begins at 7:30 p.m.Chris Toenes