Chapel Hill
Mr. Lif

Local 506Several years ago, when social awareness and intellectuality were still cool in hip-hop, Mr. Lif’s robotic, commanding flow was responsible for putting plenty into a trance that was half B-boy skill and half nether-world, revolutionary destroyer aggression. Since then, he’s polished the politics and fundamentals of hip-hop with fellow Bostonians Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One as The Perceptionists and battled a “genetic replica” of himself on “Return of the B-Boy” from his 2002 I Phantom LP. Mr. Lif gets busy and many times creates his own lush, life-affirming storms through rhyme. His only real problem might be battling Murs for the Strangest Hair award. Grieves, Willie Evans Jr. and Social Memory Complex open the show at 9 p.m. for $10. Eric Tullis

Terminator: Salvation

Theaters everywhereTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the television spin-off of the franchise that began modestly in 1984, is probably dead, despite a fine season finale, and apparently, the four-quel to James Cameron’s classic hasn’t screened for critics (around here, anyway). But there’s lots we do know: As directed by McG, this latest sequel is currently infamous for 1) star Christian Bale’s profanity-filled rant during filming, which found its way online; 2) a twist involving a major character spoiled in photos of the tie-in action figures; 3) a possible cameo by an original cast member also spoiled; and 4) a recent interview that discussed a number of very, very dark alternate endings. On the bright side, trailers for this look pretty good, much better than T3, and if the Terminator universe teaches us anything, it’s that the future is not locked in stone. Well, T3 taught us the opposite, but this might go in a different direction. Rated R. Zack Smith