Oleg Lulin: From Saratov, with Love
The ArtscenterA few weeks ago I had an e-mail forwarded to me care of the Independent that read as follows: “I was hoping that you may be able to see my art at the East End Gallery of Carrboro, North Carolina. My art is there of my two dog portraits of Yakov and Akilina. I am from Saratov Russia and we are sister cities of Carrboro. I also shipped sculptures of crystals and a plaster self portrait. It took one and a half months.” It was signed “Oleg Lulin.”

I was busy and didn’t give this solicitation much thought. I was baffled, however, at why this artist considered it a salient idea that it had taken one and a half months for his sculptures to get to Carrboro. And dog portraiture wasn’t really enough to get me over to the space to check out his work.

However, I found myself at The ArtsCenter the other day, and I can’t believe I almost missed this show. The more you look at all of its variables, the more it falls apart. This is of course what makes the show so thrilling. Every element of the show serves as a clue that what’s at play here is a fabulous fabrication of identity. From Lulin’s impoverished homemade sculptures to the gloppy plaster cast “Oleg Self Portrait,” we are treated to a smorgasbord of goofball idealism, obtuse mysticism and the exuberant displacement of a self. Not to be missed. The show is open daily; visit and Amy White

The Movement Series
The Pour HouseUnless we’re talking about the prestigious institution of Hardknocks, there’s an obvious contradiction when Jozeemo and Blockhuggerz Inc. are performing in a back-to-school “School Daze” concert. If you’re not the adventurous type, then you probably should just let that irony go. Let’s not argue with these guys. Plus, considering that South Carolinian emcee and frequent DJ Forge-collaborator Dan Johns, along with Chapel Hill’s touted KAZE, will both be on the bill, some scholastic balance is assured. On this special night, the bright yellow bus is riding on chromed-out 24″ rims and the driver is wearing Nike SB Dunks and a doo-rag. Hop on it. Four other acts join the $6-$8 show at 10 p.m. Also, tomorrow night, KAZE performs in Chapel Hill’s The Library (study hard: they serve mixed drinks, blaring beats and his own syllabi on street etiquette) at 10 p.m. Eric Tullis

Chapel Hill
The Rosewood Thieves, The Huguenots
The CaveNew York’s The Rosewood Thieves got lost in the same V2 Records restructuring that left Roman Candle without a home last year. These days, the former bigger-budget quintet is a self-releasing quartet, and Rise & Shine, its third LP, is better for the emancipation: The Thieves swipe the hazy sun tones of The Free Design and the R&B rumble of The Stones and The Band, offering a gentle but well-built bed for frontman Erick Daniels, tender laments and cocksure anthems. Chapel Hill’s excellent newcomer The Huguenots hits it harder, blasting two guitars into tight little hooks and rhythmic shimmies. Pay $3 at 9:30 p.m. Grayson Currin