John Hart

Quail Ridge Books–The King of Lies, the first book from attorney-turned-novelist John Hart, pits defense attorney Jackson Workman Pickens against the trial and investigation of his life. His missing father’s body is found, and he’s the primary suspect, though other motivations prevent him from outright defense. Hart, who’s received rave reviews since the book’s release, reads at 7 p.m.

Hearts and Daggers

The Pour House–Hearts and Daggers cannot be put in a box, nor do they want to be. Although they capture the true essence of country music in their lyrics, their musical repertoire extends beyond the parameters of popular country. One part bluegrass, one part punk and a big dash of Cash, H&D references empty whiskey bottles, jilted lovers and gun-slinging men out to get revenge. Old-school country fans should feel right at home. Fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll gurus The Olympic Ass Kickin’ Team, led by drummer Terry Anderson, headline. The show starts at 10 p.m. Tickets are $5. –Kathy Justice