N.C. STATE CAMPUSThe power of the Bush administration may be at its lowest ebb, with Alberto Gonzales barely hanging on to his job as Attorney General. Still, the quasi-legal gulag known as Guantánamo Bay continues to hold hundreds of prisoners who have not been permitted to challenge their detentions. The fine 2006 drama The Road to Guantánamo concerns three British men caught up in the Global War on Terror. A 7 p.m. screening precedes a talk by Duke law professor and detainee advocate Madeline Morris in 232A Withers Hall on the N.C. State campus. Admission is free. David Fellerath

KINGSYou’re going to think Nola’s cute: When the country band hits its sugary stride on “Hey,” Christy Smith will become the more charming daughter of your dream girl next door. But when Smith hits her darkest, watch out: She’s writing from an experienced heart that’s watched lovers love, and her analyses nail presumptions to walls. Bombadil and Mr. K and the Famous open at 10 p.m. Grayson Currin