NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITYPESTed, a nonprofit organization that fights to minimize human and environmental exposure to pestisides, in conjunction with NCCU presents “From Silent Spring to Silent Night: Pesticides, the Link Between Amphibian Declines and Cancer, and What You Should Know.” The program will include a lecture by Dr. Tyrone Hayes, nationally renowned UC-Berkeley biologist, in honor of PESTed’s 20th anniversary. Dr. Hayes achieved notoriety for his research linking the herbicide atrazine, a common water contaminant, to hermaphrodism in male frogs. He will speak in the Mary Townes Science Center at 7 pm. The event is free. For more info, visit www.pested.org/involved/tyronehayes.html. Iesha Brown

NASHER MUSEUMTo accompany its survey of contemporary Chinese art, the Nasher Museum is presenting a series of films that have emerged from the margins of East Asia. Urban Sonnets is a film about two restless travelers in Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Admission is free. For more info, visit nasher.duke.edu/events_film.php. David Fellerath