Chapel Hill
LOCAL 506Anybody who’s ever been in a band can understand why Jay Vance might be driven to take up with robots. However, like in 2001 or I, Robot, the machines turned on him, forcing him to play metal-inflected punk rock. The verbally abusive robots are astounding, and Vance’s fine “performance” takes it beyond the land of gimmicky shtick. Tickets for the 10 p.m. show are $8. Teddy Bear Orchestra and Greg Klaiber’s Grabass Revue open. Chris Parker

CHARLIE GOODNIGHT’SBill Burr (aka “the white guy from Chappelle’s Show“) says of stand up comedy: “Go see it live. All kinds of things happen. You get heckled; people can come up onto the stage”this coming from a comedian known for fighting back with a heckling crowd. His six-show run begins tonight. For info, visit or call 828-5233. Megan Stein