Chapel Hill

Bartender Olympics

LOCAL 506–Here’s the idea: Each participating watering hall has assembled a band composed (mostly) of its own barkeeps. This Thursday, they’ll all duke it out for the second year straight, attempting to defend the honor of their alcoholic establishment and win the crown (gold medal or cup?) in the Bartender Olympics. So if the Irish Carbombs at Reservoir have tasted a bit like hair metal recently, it might have something to do with Bill Fischer game facing it for the upcoming battle, in which he and the Amish Jihad boys will rep the Rez against The Generous Whores from The Cave, Spider Bags from Fuse, New Grenada from the 506 itself (home court advantage much?), Tomorrow from Nightlight, White Rook from next door at Shorty’s and The Big Birds from Tallula’s. Unlike Torino ’06, these Olympics are free, so come out to root on your bar/band of choice, and save those extra bucks for tipping. –Robbie Mackey