At Local 506: Once again, a slew of local rock luminaries doing the full-costumed tribute band thing. Headlining the wicked eve are “Leonard Skinnard” (members of the Backsliders, Tremblers, Crash Cadillac and their pals) provin’ once and for all that Southern men don’t need Neil Young around. “Never Mind the Bollocks” are really the Dirty Feather Boas attempting to embody the philthy sods at the height of their Vicious glory. Ooohh, how’s that for scary, keeds?

At Go! Rehearsal Studios: Along with your usual pagan festivities, shake a shroud to Merge swingers the Rock*a*Teens. The Comas will open with material from their lush, atmospheric new CD, and eclectic instrumentalists Shark Quest also appear on the bill. The collective coolness of these bands will scare the crap out of you.

At the Ritz: Egghead dancemeister Moby breaks out the samples (OK, he’s got a band, too) for a Halloween night of chills. Sharing the evil holiday with the famous techno-twerp could be either horrific or surreally great, depending on what kind of treats you’ve scored. —Angie Carlson