Chapel Hill
“From James Joyce to Harry Potter and John Lennon”
UNC CampusThe Internet, Photoshop and other wonderful technological advances have made the practice of copyright violation even more commonplace. What truly constitutes “fair use” of a likeness or trademark? Interested parties can find out more at the UNC lecture “From James Joyce to Harry Potter and John Lennon: The Impact of Fair Use on Scholarship and Free Expression.” Anthony Falzone, executive director of the Stanford Fair Use Project, speaks at 5:30 p.m. in the Pleasants Family Assembly Room at the Wilson Library on the UNC campus. Falzone is one of the lawyers representing street artist Shepard Fairey, who is in a copyright dispute over the image at right. The talk will cover the current state of fair use law and its impact on scholarship and free expression. Falzone will focus on the cases handled by the Stanford Fair Use Project, including the highly publicized Harry Potter Lexicon case (Rowling v. RDR Books) and other recent conflicts. For more information, contact Kyle York at 966-3323. Zack Smith