Fiddler on the Roof
Durham Performing Arts CenterAccording to a Jewish friend, this classic 1964 musical/ 1971 film “is like Star Wars for Jews.” He quickly added that The Ten Commandments better fits this description, but this adaptation of Sholem Aleichem’s tales of Eastern European shtetl life certainly echoes George Lucas’ trilogy in its box office success: It was the first Broadway play to pass the 3,000 performances mark and has boasted numerous hit revivals. For decades, the tale of Tevye the milkman’s battle for tradition against the tide of change in the village of Anatevka has resonated with audiences of all ages, and inspired more low-budget school musicals than can be counted. This latest revival features Chaim Topol reprising his Oscar-nominated role of Tevye from the film version, and promises to be a rollicking evening. It opens tonight and runs through Sunday, March 22. Visit www.dpacnc.com. L’chaim! Zack Smith

Chapel Hill
Takka Takka
Local 506The very definition of blog-indie, New York’s Takka Takka bubbled to the Internet’s attention a few years ago and is, ostensibly, still surfacing. It’s about as blog basic as indie rock gets: Migration, released in 2008, was fittingly produced by the drummer from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The guitar-led, keys-backed construction should appeal to anybody who’s ever been into Pavement or R.E.M., with simple, pedestrian hooks offering just enough of a sugar buzz to last until the next Animal Collective single. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and costs $8. Bryan Reed