Chapel Hill
Love Lived On Death Row
Hanes Art Center, UNC CampusA family torn apart by hate and murder. A family reunited by forgiveness, honesty and love. This is a plotline with such intense emotional backbone that not even the best screenwriters could fully recreate it through the power of the pen. Some stories (and films) are best left in the realm of reality, where events can live and breathe with warmth and accuracy. Local filmmaker Linda Booker taps into this reality with her documentary, Love Lived on Death Row, a compelling film capturing the story of the Syriani siblings whose father lived on death row for years for the murder of his wife before her children began the battle for his clemency. A dynamic film about the power of forgiveness and the strength of love, this documentary has snagged screenings at the New Orleans, Cucalorus and Indie Memphis film festivals. See it tonight at 7 for free. For more, read this week’s Film Beat. Kathy Justice