Seinfeld Campus Tour
N.C. State UniversityThe “Kramer Reality Tour” was fun, the puffy shirt boxed with the DVDs was cute, but the Seinfeld Campus Tour might be the sign that the much-beloved and much-rerun “show about nothing” has finally whored itself into the ground.

Featuring a DoSomething.org can drive, the tour is part of an effort to spur community activism and … presumably sell DVDs and merchandise. Its stop in Raleigh includes a 60-foot-long biodiesel-powered bus with such Seinfeld-inspired snacks as Junior Mints, black-and-white cookies and non-fat frozen yogurt. There’s also a “Seinfeld Museum” with costumes, props and an Emmy statuette, plus booths where fans can preview the new Seinfeld “Scene It?” DVD game.

In addition, there’s a trivia contest and a feature where fans can try to putt a golf ball into a “whale’s” blowhole to win a Sony digital camera. (One can only hope they don’t have a game based around the infamous “The Contest” episode.) According to the sponsors, the tour is “designed to integrate the show directly into the digital, on-the-move, multi-tasking lifestyle of college students and members of the 70-million-plus millennial demographic.” To that end, the tour even features computers linking up to official Seinfeld MySpace and Facebook pages and … good lord, is this even necessary? Seinfeld is a sitcom full of pop-cultural references that’s rerun 50 times a day. By default, that’s part of the college lifestyle! If you’re curious, please visit www.seinfeld.com to learn more. Hey, it’s got to be more entertaining than Bee Movie. Zack Smith