Chapel Hill

Books in Costume

ACKLAND ART MUSEUM–A fascinating exhibit on loan from a private collection in Pittsboro, Books in Costume is an examination of the bookbinding and decorating practices of the Sobota family, Czechoslovakian emigrants (and, later, Czech Republic immigrants) who build functional shrines to books, in the sense that they actually hold the object of affection. This exhibit, up through Sept. 10, combines two generations of their craft.



CHAZ’S BULL CITY RECORDS–Don’t expect Jaguaro to unleash its two-piece, guttural guitar and spanked drum fury on the Triangle often enough in the near future: Drummer Maria Brubeck heads to Michigan at the end of this month, leaving sartorial frontman Jon E. Walker back at home, howling like Iggy over a Link Wray 33 spinning at 45. At least it all goes down in high-rock fashion: They’ll headline Chaz’s, with Pennsylvania’s loud-as-Load-and-Lightning-Bolts Chamomile (quick and heavy) opening alongside Joe Jitsu, a pop-punk group of Texans playing like Smoking Popes tempered on The Replacements and Lookout! Records. It should be a good adieu. Bring donations for gas. Music starts shortly after 9 p.m. –Grayson Currin