Steel Pulse

Cat’s Cradle–Steel Pulse is best known for its ska-based, one-drop reggae sound that Bob Marley popularized. But singer David Hinds says the music didn’t originate in Jamaica. “It derived from the blues out of New Orleans in the ’50s and ’60s because the only radio station that Jamaicans could tune in to at the time came from America.” It suddenly became Jamaicanized, mixing with the African beats already in the blood of the people. –Grant Britt


Nacho Libre

Brier Creek Stadium 16–We’re still waiting for the comedy that will define this summer season, and we’ve got our fingers crossed for the fate of Nacho Libre. The talent is certainly up to scratch: The star is Jack Black, the screenwriter is Mike White (School of Rock, Chuck and Buck) and the director is young Jared Hess, following up Napoleon Dynamite. The subject of the film–the distinctly Mexican features of professional wrestling–has even prompted an earnest article in The New York Times. Tonight’s 7:30 p.m. screening is a free sneak. There are often advance sneaks on Tuesday nights, but as always, you’ll need a pass (which doesn’t guarantee admission, so show up early). See event sponsors G105 and 106.1 RDU (or to register. –David Fellerath