Equality N.C. Lobby Day

General Assembly–A collective of three nonprofits, Equality N.C. lobbies lawmakers, evaluates candidates and educates voters about the need for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in North Carolina. With Senate Bill 1228–which would restrict same-sex marriages in the state’s constitution–being debated on the floor, Equality N.C. members will demonstrate how to lobby local lawmakers and why lobbying is now essential. A noon press conference follows the 9 a.m. start. For more, see www.equalitync.org.


The Date With the Beast

The Reservoir–Oddly enough, you can thank the Book of Revelations (chapter 13, verses 17-18) for this one. Without it, 1982’s Iron Maiden album might have been called Run to the Hills, and next Tuesday’s calendar date probably wouldn’t be cause for celebration among Triangle metal acts. So, thanks, John, for giving The Reservoir an excuse to host their free “Evening of Evil” on the sixth day of the sixth month of 2006 (read: the date of the beast, or 666). Luckily, we’re endowed with acts like Daylight Dies and the reformed (but only for tonight) Chromados to do the event justice. Seriously, Daylight’s Barre Gambling and company are easily one of most balanced units in all of metal, a quintet that’s keen on sonic expanse and capable of much, much more than pummeling listeners to death. Meanwhile, local black metallurgists Legion of the Fallen ride pomp a la Immortal and promise some birthday cake for Lord Satan around 10 p.m. Like most Reservoir shows, this one is free. Unlike most Reservoir shows, this one celebrates the Antichrist. –Robbie Mackey