QUAIL RIDGE BOOKS AND MUSIC UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OF RALEIGH (3313 Wade Ave.)As a close friend of Salman Rushdie, the great journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens isn’t just a barroom warrior: To him, the Middle Eastern theocracies are living proof of the urgent need to mount the barricades in defense of secularism. The fact that he’s had to hitch his wagon to a political regime that depends on the blessings of James Dobson and Pat Robertson is an irony he has to live with. Hitchens is here to promote the latest in his line of attacks on religion, a treatise called God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Tonight’s 7 p.m. program will be a debate: Dr. Adam English, professor of theology and philosophy at Campbell University, will take one for the Christian team. David Fellerath

HAYTI HERITAGE CENTERIf you want to learn more about the art and technique of traditional West African dance, here’s your chance. Although the event is free, registration is required. This class is part of a series of activities offered by Life as Art Productions as part of its residency through May 20. For more info, visit www.hayti.org or call 683-1709. Iesha Brown