Chapel Hill

Truth & Fiction in The Da Vinci Code

Lumina Theater–“Is it true?” Everyone wants to know that about The Da Vinci Code, but when is the question asked about the Gospels, which have been called, after all, “the greatest story ever told.” We hope to find answers at tonight’s special 7 p.m. screening, preceded by a 6 p.m. talk entitled “Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code.” Dr. Bart Ehrman, chair of Religious Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, will tease out the distinctions between truth and truthiness in the Gospels and the best-seller that challenges them. A steep $35, but proceeds will benefit the Orange County Literacy Project. See –David Fellerath


John Clauser

Olivia Raney History Library–You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows the state’s cemeteries better than John Clauser. A Pennsylvania native, Clauser began working for North Carolina’s archaeology department after completing his University of Florida master’s project as an archaeologist at a pottery kiln outside of Winston-Salem in 1976. But the mid-’80s construction boom forced his hand as a state archaeologist whose primary interest was finding and protecting abandoned cemeteries in remote locations statewide. He’s recently retired, but he continues to probe the depths as a private consultant and, tonight at 7 p.m., as a lecturer for the Wake Genealogical Society.