CAT’S CRADLEIt may be ironic that a legally blind albino rapper is the blackest member of the Rhymesayers Collective (home to Atmosphere, and Eyedea & Abilities), but it’s difficult to argue with Brother Ali’s charismatic flow and “no prisoners” ideation. Skin hardened from a short lifetime of barbs, he’s fearless with a blunt-spoken power that echoes his bear-like stature. He segues easily from bravado to wit and insight to insult, describing himself as a “thugged-out nerd” on the scalding “Lookin’ At Me Sideways.” The Undisputed Truth, his second for Rhymesayers, surveys the inner landscape as precisely as the outer while describing the wars plaguing both. Tickets are $10-$12 for a 9:30 p.m. start. Chris Parker