Chapel Hill
UNC CAMPUSThe state university located in Chapel Hill has survived many wars in just a little more than two centuries, and judging from the available evidence, is making it through the present conflict just fine. Using more than 150 letters, photographs and publications, a new exhibit in Wilson Library’s Manuscripts department traces the experiences of individuals associated with the campus through the years. A potential question: Was there also a nursery of dissent? The show runs through Feb. 29, 2008. Call 962-1345 for more info. David Fellerath

QUAIL RIDGE BOOKS & MUSICHistoric figures are often noted for their worst deeds: Lyndon Johnson, for example, is remembered more for escalating the Vietnam War than for enshrining civil rights legislation. Sen. Sam Ervin, North Carolina’s signal contribution to the Washington, D.C., spectacle of those days, is luckier: He’s recalled as an affable country lawyer who, sadly but wisely, led the Senate hearings that exposed the Watergate conspiracy. But, as Karl Campbell’s new biography, Senator Sam Ervin, Last of the Founding Fathers, tells us, before Ervin took his late, well-reviewed turn in the public eye, he was a hard-line defender of Jim Crowback when such positions were advocated by the pre-LBJ Democratic Party. The reading begins at 7 p.m. Visit for more info. David Fellerath