Chapel Hill
UNC CAMPUSNo writers suffer like Russian writers: Ask Dostoevky, Chekhov and Solzhenitsyn. Now, after a post-Communist slide into irrelevance, internal plunder and criminality, a resurgent if unreformed Russia exerts increasing influence on the world stage. Things are getting interesting againin the bad sense: Journalists are murdered, diplomats and spies are poisoned and its president and onetime KGB man seems intent on being the hardest body among hard men. So, we should take seriously the title of a symposium at 5 p.m. this afternoon at UNC’s FEDEX Global Education Center: “Joys and Hazards of Working as a Writer in Russia Today.” Visiting scribes Dmitri Golynko, Andrei Rodionov, Lev Oborin and Andrei Sen-Senkov will share their experiences at this free event. E-mail for more information. David Fellerath