N.C. MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCESAny musician knows that making and experiencing music is a neurological experiencewith or without aids to alter consciousness. Donald Hodges has been working this field at UNC-Greensboro, where he is the director of the Music Research Institute. His ongoing research projects include ethnomusicology, biomusic, music-related hearing loss and the neuroimaging of musicians. Hodges also helped develop the exhibit currently on display at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences, Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life, which explores the biological origins of music. Running through Sept. 16, this traveling interactive exhibit includes three immersive soundscapes, a “jamming room” and a bioacoustics laboratory. Tonight at 7 p.m., Hodges will present the fourth lecture associated with the exhibit, entitled “A Layman’s Guide to the Musical Brain.” Admission to the exhibit is $3-$5. For more information, visit naturalsciences.org or call 733-7450. David Fellerath