OK, OK. From what we’ve heard, Two Weeks Notice is everything you’d expect it to be: saccharine sweet, not as funny as it oughta be, full of holes, beautiful people living in a plastic bubble where everyone is successful and wealthy. But, after a Christmas full of dysfunctional relatives and disappointing presents, why not treat yourself to a little brainless pap?

Sandra Bullock hooks up with her writer/director on films like Force of Nature and Miss Congeniality to play Lucy Kelson, a liberal-minded Harvard Law grad who ends up working for a billionaire developer named George Wade, a man who represents everything that’s bad about the super-rich. He’s greedy, he’s selfish and he’s got no conscience, but he’s falling in love with her. And he’s Hugh Grant. He was just nominated for a Golden Globe, you know. Love of hate either of them, both Bullock and Grant are generally pretty enjoyable to watch, so treat yourself to a screening–after you return all those awful Christmas gifts to the appropriate mall.
–Laura Hatmaker