[Update, 10-25: So yes, I did watch and McCrory was asked the Goldman question. He said he was “very concerned” at what he was reading about Debra Goldman’s behavior and wondered if it was “appropriate for an elected official.” Which behavior? He didn’t say, and he didn’t come right out and say what should be obvious, which is that Goldman, even if you give her the benefit of every doubt, isn’t qualified to be state auditor.

[On the other hand, McCrory did give a shout-out to Democrat Beth Wood for “a good job” as auditor, which was the political equivalent of throwing Goldman’s candidacy under the bus.

[Not a tough decision, really, but McCrory might’ve ducked the question completely (“I’m aware of the rumors, but that’s all they are, and I won’t comment on them …”). So I give McCrory a passing grade on this basic test of leadership.]

The original post from yesterday afternoon follows —

I’ll be watching the McCrory-Dalton debate tonight at 7 because, well, I still think who’s governor is kind of important.

Pat McCrory is leading in the polls and brushing off all questions about everything. But here’s one I hope he’s asked and will answer:

If you’re elected governor, do you think our state would be better served by having an auditor of the same party as yours — the Republican nominee, Debra Goldman — who is pretty obviously unqualified to be auditor? In other words, no auditor at all to be a watchdog over your administration?

Or, wouldn’t it better for us and you, as governor, to retain Beth Wood as auditor, since she’s done a good job in office, is a CPA, is qualified, and takes her responsibilities seriously?

The saga of Debra Goldman is well-known and I won’t repeat it here. If you need a good recap of the recent Goldman-Malone caper, Carter Wrenn offers one today on the Talking About Politics blog.

I don’t dislike Debra Goldman. I think she’s tried, by her own lights, to be a good school board member. Her personal problems didn’t help, obviously. I feel a little sorry for her actually. That said —

McCrory should make a clear statement that he doesn’t support Goldman and is recommending that Wood be re-elected. Not to do so is to say, I’m a Republican hack, and I support Republicans regardless of the facts.