I feel wired and excited about two things: finishing my taxes and advocating for the March for Women’s Lives on April 25.

I’m obsessed with my tax returns: What’s the cost basis for my IRA? Is the entire contribution deductible or not? What were my custodial fees for my IRA? And is my $55 membership to the North Carolina Writer’s Network deductible? And I’m kicking myself that I didn’t save receipts for home repairs. Or maybe only home “improvements” count. But isn’t home repair an improvement? I could argue that, but who wants to argue with the IRS? Yes, these are the types of questions that have been invading my brain with the tenacity I thought only vacation planning had. I was wrong.

And then I think–where else can I hang those March flyers? Who else can I recruit to put up them up? Did they schedule the march right after the April 15 deadline so people like me can think about women’s rights instead of completing tax forms? Is there a connection?

TurboTax even asks if you’d like to contribute $3 for publc financing of judicial elections–non-partisan it seemed. I clicked no. The next question asked, “Would you like to contribute $1 to a political party?” I paused, mouse cocked, thought about women’s rights and the march and clicked “yes” by selecting the Democratic Party button. Maybe paying taxes and marching in Washington are related. Many millions of pro-choice Americans may pause and think, “I know it’s only a dollar, but if eight million individuals like me say yes, that’d be $8 million dollars and yes, we can make a difference.” We have to pay to live in an ordered society and pay our dues so to speak. But we also need to use our voices to ensure that what we belong to is truly representative of the very ideals of being a citizen–liberty, justice, freedom and equality.

For just one dollar, I can voice my opinion on my tax forms and for just one day I can get out of my daily routine and stand up for something I believe in. One dollar, one day and each one makes a difference.