… It’s almost 60 percent — 59.7, to be exact — for the graduating class of 2010. That’s the rate for graduations in four years from time of entering high school. The five-year rate is 62.2 percent.

These numbers are in a new report from the Wake County Public School System required as part of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law.

The new school board majority has made much of low ED graduation rates, which had slipped to 54.2 percent last year, calling it evidence of the failure of diversity assignment policies. Cause-and-effect was always problematic with their analysis; no one knows what the rates for ED kids would’ve been had their preferred approach of “neighborhood schools” been in effect. (Most city systems, though, have much lower rates than Wake’s.)

Now, will diversity be seen as causing these better results?

Wake’s four-year graduation rate overall remained at 78.4 percent; details below: