Wondering how your Wake school system was doing before the new school board majority came along? Last year’s EOG (end-of-grade) and EOC (end-of-course) results are in:

Preliminary North Carolina End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course (EOC) test scores for 2009-10 show improvement in virtually every subgroup of students in the Wake County Public School System, and also show a closing of the achievement gaps between white, African-American, Hispanic and economically disadvantaged students at several grade levels. Additionally, 85 percent of students taking EOC tests passed those exams.

“These improvements are a clear indication that our efforts since the 2007 Curriculum Management Audit of better alignment and focus of resources and efforts are paying important dividends,” said Dr. Donna Hargens, interim superintendent and chief academic officer. “The teacher collaboration made possible by our Professional Learning Teams and their focus on data are showing results with these test score gains.”

The results are shown here. LEP, by the way, stands for Limited-English Proficiency; FRL is Free & Reduced Lunch-eligible (i.e., lower income kids), SWD is Students With Disabilities.