Chapel Hill
Double Muslims, Grasslung
NightlightOn this banner week for local and traveling experimental acts at Nightlight, this triple bill is the must-see: Knoxville’s Double Muslims musters a tightly wound skree jazz that bounces between time signatures, keys and timbres like a pinball glowing red but controlled, of course, by the watchful eye of wizards mindful of composition and their interlocked instrumentscello, guitar, drums and saxophone. Across three super-limited tape and CD-R releases, Baltimore’s Grasslung has skectched sprawling vistas in the charcoal of drone, dotting the landscape with unexpected sound anomalies and synthesizer baubles. Raleigh’s Savage Knights claim two of the area’s best drummers in Brian Donohoe and Mike Isenberg and perhaps its most relentless explorer of the aleatoric unknown, Crowmeat Bob. Listen in at 9:30 p.m. for $6. Grayson Currin