Chapel Hill
The Naked Hearts, Pinche Gringo, The Pneurotics
The CaveIt’s pushing toward dawn when the caffeine shakes kick in, eerily synchronous with Josh Johnson’s own rattling garage rock as it pushes the limits of my tiny computer speakers. His one-man (sometimes with one woman, too) band Pinche Gringo is soundtracking the swells of the bags under my eyes. Short of actually seeing the punk-blues barrage in person, it couldn’t sound better. Lucky, then, are the souls who venture below the Cave’s low-ceiling for Pinche Gringo’s presence, this time flanked by The Pneurotics’ eased-in rock and out-of-town headliners Naked Hearts, whose indie pop manages to recall everything from C86 pop to Jawbreaker. Things heat up around 10 p.m., cost is $5. Bryan Reed