Shooter Jennings, Earl Greyhound

Lincoln TheatreIt’s been three years since “S.O.S.,” a jagged-riff, foot-stomping soul-rock number, sent biracial, coed and strangely sexy New York trio Earl Greyhound in the direction of the big stages and spotlights. Better than most of the tunes on Chinese Democracy and more instantly memorable than, well, everything on the far right reaches of the FM dial, “S.O.S.” only got small-rock-club famous. Underpowered by a lackluster album and a record label that couldn’t turn them into stars, Earl Greyhound retreated to record a second LP, which has yet to be released. But opening for Waylon’s trash-talking boy, Shooter, through the Southern states makes a lot of sense for the band: This is loud, unapologetic, retro-hawking music that would do best to go straight for the big time that Kid Rock currently calls his own. Pay $16-$20 at 8 p.m. Grayson Currin