Lincoln TheatreLarry and Curly’s pal? Homer’s bartender? It can be confusing, but you’ll have to excuse moe.they aren’t big on introductions. They saunter on stage, pick up their instruments and immediately begin strumming, plucking, banging and plopping. About half an hour later, you’ll get a hello and welcome. Luckily, the music speaks for them. Almost two decades into this dank jam, the upstate New York-based outfit offers a bass- and xylophone-driven coordinated mash-up of dueling electric guitar solos and bright flashing lights. They might not play until sunrise, like they did at this year’s Bonnaroo, but this show is well worth the trip. Join them and their self-proclaimed moe.ron friends, and, if you like what you hear, don’t forget to grab a flash drive with the recording of the show on your way out. The 8 p.m. show costs $25-$28. Scope www.lincolntheatre.com for more. Joe Schwartz