Cut-Throats Nine

Colony TheatreAdvertised as “the film acclaimed by critics as the most violent motion picture ever portrayed on the screen” and “an adventure in violence that will rip your heart out,” the 1972 Euro-Western Cut-Throats Nine enjoys a tremendous reputation as a slick piece of exploitation. Combining elements of The Dirty Dozen, The Defiant Ones and a number of other films, it’s the tale of nine Civil War prisoners being transported by a wagon that’s attacked by bandits looking for gold. Soon, they’re on the run, and betrayals, flashbacks and a lot of violence follow. We’re afraid that Cinema Overdrive will probably not be able to provide the “terror mask” offered to the original audiences to help in avoiding the mayhem on the screen, but there will be original prints by local artist Laurie Shipley for sale after the show. The screening is at 8 p.m. and includes a plethora of vintage grindhouse trailers. Visit www.cinemaoverdrive.net. Zack Smith