Jim Wise

Regulator BookshopJim Wise is a Durham treasurea longtime reporter with an elephantine memory and a distinctively jaundiced worldview. His last book, Durham Tales, was an idiosyncratically fascinating tour of the Bull City’s scruffy origins and continued scruffy development. His latest, however, is less quaint, even as it’s all too true. Murder in the Courthouse: Reconstruction and Redemption in the North Carolina Piedmont takes us back to the darkest days of Dixie, when resistance to the Union post-war occupation gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan and several generations of racist violence. His talerather shocking in synopsisis of the murder of a Republican (i.e., Yankee-sympathizing) politician and Freedman’s Bureau agent by four Klansmen, which resulted in a period of martial law in the state. Wise will read from his book and take questions at the Regulator tonight at 7 p.m. Visit www.regulatorbookshop.com. David Fellerath