Rialto TheatreThis cult classic packs a punch of nightmarish sparkle, as the producer/ director team of George Lucas and Jim Henson team up for a trippy, psychedelic ode to children’s fairy tale lore and M.C. Escher’s dramatic staircase trickery. This 1986 film feels a bit dated with its tale of a young girl with the babysitter blues who wishes her brother away into a world of goblins, but it’s precisely this campy oversynthed, overglitzed appeal that keeps (former) kids returning. For new viewers, the film offers eye candy in the form of a somewhat over-revealed, spandex-clad David Bowie dancing to his own beat as the rock star goblin king, a fresh-faced Jennifer Connelly as a suburban dream girl and a masterpiece menagerie of Henson’s puppetry. A part of the Cool Classics at the Colony series, catch this film for a five-spot at 8 p.m. tonight. Kathy Justice