Chapel Hill
The CaveChapel Hill’s long-cozy Cave is hardly a boys club. In fact, it’s pretty much exclusive’s polar opposite. Thus, FemmeFest doesn’t represent a breakthrough, just the latest outbreak of FemmeFest fever sweeping North Carolina (Charlotte’s springtime gathering was headlined by this area’s heroines of dynamic-duo rock, the Moaners) and elsewhere. The Cave’s version is billed as “a week of women in rock,” though you’ll find women in pop, punk, country and folk as well. With the Dork Flag-led Pink Flag and the Jill Homewrecker-led Homewreckers splitting Tuesday’s late shift and sharing a fondness for punk at its DIYest and for Ramones-style band surnames, the fest comes in like a lion. Contradicting the old saying, however, Lam! Lam! plays Night Two, and without much calm. FemmeFest goes out Saturday, with Pawnshop Ruby vet Mary Johnson Rockers (“It’s not a band, it’s a last name.”) providing top-shelf Americana and additional surname fun. Visit for the complete schedule. Several acts will be doing double-time with performances at Mansion 462. Rick Cornell