Carlos Mencia
Memorial Auditorium, Progress Energy CenterControversy always seems to follow Carlos Mencia around, whether it’s the outrageous takes on racial relations that make up his act or accusations that said act has been stolen from such comedians as Bill Cosby and George Lopez. His Comedy Central series, Mind of Mencia, is one of the network’s top-rated shows, just behind South Park, and he’s managed to find himself in the position of being on lists of both the best and worst stand-up comedians of all time. Whether you’re a fan or a foe, one thing is for certain: Mencia’s work gets people talking. The self-proclaimed “Equal Opportunity Offender” will strut his stuff at the Progress Energy Center to promote his latest comedy album, Performance Enhanced. It probably won’t be as memorable as the time Fear Factor host Joe Rogan called him out on stage for material-swapping at the Comedy Store last February (the altercation became a viral online video), but Mencia’s over-the-top humor always guarantees an evening that’s not for the whole family. For tickets, visit ticketmaster.com. Zack Smith

Chapel Hill
Permeable Layer: Free Improv Jam
Local 506Public jam sessions differ greatly from experienced improvisers performing in a group: The latter may at least know some patterns and how they interlock, but the former’s not-so-secret weapon is the element of strangers connecting. This particular jam appears to be encouraging that wild card factor to local musicians and not-so-musicians, with another installment at Local 506 on Oct. 1. A drum set and PA are provided; the rest is up to you. Jam on it at 8 p.m. and pay nada. Chris Toenes