Alice Cooper

Durham Performing Arts CenterSadly, time has dimmed appreciation for Alice Cooper’s legacy, but no hard rock artistwith the arguable exception of Ozzyhas had a greater influence on the form and its popular claims. Cooper’s theatrical sensibility, rebellious attitude and adolescent-targeted angst have become stylistic cornerstones. He seized upon androgynous getups and makeup long before T. Rex took glam mainstream, and his macabre stage setups (featuring guillotines, electric chairs and gallows) defined the careers of White Zombie and Marilyn Manson. Cooper’s shining moment1972’s concept album and classic title track, School’s Outpresaged punk’s snide demeanor. Though Cooper’s affections lie primarily in gritty garage rock verging on metal, as a showman and singer more than as a musician, he’s explored a variety of styles including art rock, new wave and pop ballads. Even at 61, he remains a charismatic performer. True to sensational form, this is his Theatre of Death Tour. The 7:30 p.m. show slays for $22.50-$47.50. More information is at www.dpacnc.com. Chris Parker