ALLTEL PAVILION–The Melvins, Incubus, Megadeath, Tool, Neurosis, Kittie, Bad Religion, Iron Maiden: The acts that have taken to Ozzfest’s multiple stages over the past decade represent a veritable mixed bag of nuts, from bands that have gone on to be Top 40 favorites to bands that have served as genre-razing art-rockers. It’s the Osbourne Family Cash Cow Circus, having changed the way traveling troupes tour together and shifted music marketing models entirely. But, once again amid rumors that this is the final Ozzfest (apocalypse now?!), this is one of the festival’s least-enticing lineups ever: For $35-$105, see young forgettables like Norma Jean, Avenged Sevenfold, Strapping Young Lad and Full Blown Chaos. Ozzy wanted be there. Luckily, DragonForce—a zany, shredding, wicked metal amalgam fantasy so hyper it’s a parody of itself—will be.