PROGRESS ENERGY CENTERA white Christmas is a fine idea, but we’ll wager that most everyone would just as soon take a wet one. If you’re still nostalgic for Christmas 2007 today through Sunday, Dec. 30, catch this newly written musical based on the 1954 film that included Irving Berlin’s Christmas classicalthough the song’s first appearance was in the 1942 film Holiday Inn. Both films starred Bing Crosby, and established a sentimental holiday cliché. Although the irony of the song being authored by a Jewish composer is often noted, it’s little known that Berlin wrote it while sunning himself in Arizona, and that it wasn’t Christmas time, either. Look for this touring stage production to feature opulent costumes and blooming winter romance where the treetops glisten just in time to wash awaywith water, pleasethose post-holiday blues. The winter magic starts at 8 p.m. for $21-$57. See www.progressenergycenter.com for more info. Kathy Justice