Duke CampusPaul Rusesabagina is a hero. During the Rwanda genocide, he saved over a thousand refugees by allowing them to stay in the hotel he managed. His courage was later dramatized in the movie Hotel Rwanda. Since then, he has started a foundation for women and children injured by the violence. Rusesabagina will speak tonight at 7:30 in Page Auditorium. The event is free. For info, call 613-7312 or visit www.regbook.com. Megan Stein

NightlightOn record, Brendan Fowler is BARR, a one-man Los Angeles band of spoken, rapped and sung free verse over simple beats. Tonight, he’ll bring a four-piece band, and it should be exceptional. Marnie Stern, Skeptic Tank and Vaguely Christian-Babymaker open. For more on the show, see page 46. For an interview with Fowler, see www.indyweekblogs.com/scan. Tickets are $6 for the 10 p.m. show. Grayson Currin