Chapel Hill
THE CAVEGifted with an unflinching deadpan, Billy Sugarfixwho leads Evil Wiener whenever it musters enough malice to climb atop a Triangle stagelikely isn’t the vocalist that comes to mind when you think of Fourth of July anthems. Sugarfix doesn’t sound like fireworks as much as he does a curious smolder, singing songs that swing between cute and cynically serious. But this is the fifth consecutive Evil Wiener Weiner Roast he’s hosted at The Cave, andif Joey “Jaws” Chestnut is able to eat a lot of hot dogs earlier in the day on Coney Islandit will be a victory party for a new folk hero. Here’s hoping for “Jaws” (co-written last week with the Independent‘s Chris Parker), free hot dogs at 9 p.m., a little theremin action and Sugarfix’s continued prolificacy. Oh, and that one about the moon, too”The moon’s just a hole in the sky/ And the astronauts all lied/ They have never been here/ ‘Cuz they can’t really fly that far.” That’s patriotic, right? Grayson Currin