Tin Armour, Delay

Chaz’s Bull City Records–Named as the “Best Place for In-store Rock” (see Best of the Triangle 2006), Chaz’s Bull City Records stuffs kids in a small record-store room and lets ’em have fun, fostering the vibe of a true Triangle community as one finally emerges and converges in Durham. This week, two Ohio bands join the scene: Delay are a worthwhile Columbus punk band in a van, touring on the sheer pliability of their two-minute catchy punk songs and their breathless live shows. Tin Armour caffeinates Jonathan Richman’s deadpan delivery, setting it to a bouncy vintage Weezer pop-bop that is, at times, somewhat cute and oh so fun. The show starts at 9 p.m. As always, there’s no cover, but remember that gas is expensive. –Grayson Currin