Cat’s Cradle–Australian trio Wolfmother will certainly have its detractors: Like national brethren Jet before them, they exploit the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll’s riff-rife history, making brash, melodic, contagious, turbo-charged anthems big enough for arenas. They’re cute, too, curly mop-tops and sartorial flair making them look too cool to be true. But, unlike Jet, Wolfmother sounds convincing, and nothing about this band seems fabricated: They’re simply three dudes who met at a party, started jamming and have informally evolved into a thundering trio over the past seven years. Their self-titled, stateside debut LP is less Sabbath sludge than their outstanding, short-running, long-loving EPs, swapping straight-on fuzz fury for a pizazz and hot-white purity Jack White musters in his best moments. The band rocked a warehouse full of hipsters at a post-SXSW Vice party, squelching irony for the aggression of Marshall stacks and the attraction of really great songs about apples, unicorns, witches, eagles and, uh, “Woman.” Psychic Ills opens the $12 show at 8:30 p.m. –Grayson Currin