Pit Er Pat

Kings–A Chicago trio that’s been on the verge of something great since their first Thrill Jockey EP three years ago may have finally landed: Pyramids, Pit Er Pat’s second full-length, is a remarkable evolution in theory for a band that had previously made organ, drum, bass and vocal pop songs convoluted through unpredictable times and unordinary timbres sound way too pleasant. Pyramids, though, comes with an edge, passing on Stereolab politeness and Broadcast’s eclectic euphoria for a disoriented nervousness slightly quelled but exposed in wavering vocals and shift-centric arrangements. It’s a meek (not mild) uproar, and it works. If you thought this band was good before (I did), Pit Er Pat is asymptotically approaching awesome now. Alphas Wear Grey opens. –Grayson Currin