I Am a Sex Addict

Carolina Theatre–Who can resist a title like I Am a Sex Addict? Many, apparently, as Caveh Zahedi’s comic reminiscence about his two decades of prostitute fetishism heads out of Durham after tonight’s screening. Zahedi plays himself as he reenacts his odyssey of compulsive and dangerous sexual behavior on two continents. Not for everyone, but catch it if you’re looking for something different. The film’s Durham run ends Thursday, with screenings today and tomorrow at 7:10 and 9:10 p.m. It picks up at Galaxy in Cary on Friday. –David Fellerath


Pit Er Pat

Kings–A Chicago trio that’s been on the verge of something great since its first Thrill Jockey EP may have finally landed: Pyramids, Pit Er Pat’s second full-length, is a remarkable evolution in theory for a band that had previously made organ, bass and vocal pop songs convoluted through unpredictable times and unordinary timbres sound way too pleasant. Pyramids comes with an edge. Alphas Wear Grey opens at 10 p.m. –Grayson Currin