THE POUR HOUSE–Jamie McLean is the guitarist in the latest incarnation of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, a fitting starting point for describing the sundry influences that pour into his Jamie McLean Band, at heart a rollicking outfit channeling the spirit of Southern rock through scabrous guitar chords through distorted tubes amps, carrying big fleshy hooks and loads of blue-eyed soul. It’s easy to find more than a hint of blues, Motown and jazz coursing through his Stones or Black Crowes-comparable work, serving as a late but welcome testament that American music (not just the blues) had a baby called rock ‘n’ roll. The debut LP, This Time Around, is a promising start for a sideman in charge. Organix opens the $6 show at 10 p.m.
–Grayson Currin



Richard White Auditorium–At 4:30 p.m., there will be a free film festival on Duke’s East Campus that will last not quite an hour. The 59 Second Film Festival will contain 59 films of 59 seconds apiece. By our reckoning, you’ll be able to resume your day at 5:28:01. Festival organizers Irina Danilova and Hiram Levy will be on hand to introduce this collection of films from an international cadre of artists, covering every imaginable topic. –David Fellerath