Pearls & Brass

Local 506–In the not-so-novel idea category: Start a riff-revvin’ rock band and pepper songs with imagery and metaphors of Indian towers, boys of willow trees and far-away travels. Throw in the occasional acoustic psych number. Dot the album art with trees, campfires and plains-of-plenty, then tell me–does anyone remember laughter, or Led Zeppelin? Pennsylvania’s Pearls & Brass is a bluesy rock band somehow signed to Drag City, but Oakland’s Drunk Horse makes these dudes sound like a luxury tax. But go to this one for the locals: In the Year of the Pig is busy establishing itself as one of the most raucous, razor-sharp, volatile rock trios in Chapel Hill lore, imploring feedback and panted verse under the cover of animal hats, while Black Skies charges through next-generationheavy rock similar to P&B. Difference is, though, they actually feel like they have something left to eradicate. That’s the point.–Grayson Currin

Gay Sex in the 1970s

Carroll Hall–Gay Sex in the 1970s is a fascinating and bawdy new documentary that shows how it was done in New York in those few precious years between Stonewall and HIV. Tonight at 8 p.m. on the UNC campus. –David Fellerath